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What Advice Do Founders Give on Becoming an Entrepreneur


As startup culture continues to spread, more and more support groups are making themselves available for future entrepreneurs. Startup Calgary is one such organization which exists to connect early stage founders. Throughout the year they hold a multitude of events for interested individuals to gain the connections and knowledge that they need in order to succeed as a startup.

Last night Startup Calgary hosted Game Changers: How I Became a Founder, bringing together a panel of local entrepreneurs to share what their startup journey has taught them.

Interviewed by Kim Smith from ATB Financial, the panel consisted of: Meagan Nolan, co-founder of Mikata Health, Dominique Fraser, founder of TeamFund, Katie Nedjelski, owner of Bloom Kids, and Katie Baadsvik, co-founder of Wild Tea Kombucha.

All four ladies brought different backgrounds and different levels of experience to the table, and as they answered the questions asked, the audience was able to glean a unique collection of insight from the event.

Here’s a brief look at what the evening entailed:

What was really critical to help you get your company going? 

Katie: Mentorship, my association and attending events similar to this one.

Meagan: Making that very first sale; getting that very first customer.

You can’t know everything when you first start a company, how do you access the gaps? 

Emily: Don’t be afraid to ask and learn to accept criticism.

Katie: Get out there and fail and learn.

Dominique: Asking the advisers and mentors in your life.

What is the one thing that stands out as the hardest part of this journey?

Emily: Work-life balance.

Katie: Not being able to do everything you want to fast enough.

Dominique: Accepting that the whole journey takes longer than you want it to.

What single piece of advice would you give to those who want to start something?

All: Just Do It.

Despite how brilliant your ideas may be, or how much potential they may have, you’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t actually act on them. Take advantage of your community and the local support made available to you by checking out organizations, like Startup Calgary, and attending similar events like this one.



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