Accelerating Culture

Presented by co-founder Emily Knight, Vigo’s mission is to connect people to the local businesses, art, culture, and experiences that make up the vibrancy of their city. Three annual Vigo Cards, each valid for a four month season, provide members with exclusive perks and access to a highly curated set of these local experiences.

What are the benefits that you experienced developing your startup as a student?

As a recent alumna, I am able to access many of the supports and mentors offered by Mount Royal’s Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Not only that, but having a community of fellow young entrepreneurs at a similar stage in life and their entrepreneurial journey makes the trials and tribulations of starting a business easier to manage.

What is your company’s unfair competitive advantage?

Our secret sauce is our personal obsession with the stories of entrepreneurs, creatives, and builders. We are hungry to learn about the humans behind the amazing restaurants, coffee shops, theatres, fitness and art studios that make up the culture of a city. We believe that stories are the deepest human language and that they connect us as a society.

Why is now the time for your company to exist?

With all of the noise created by social media, it is so easy to put blinders on and settle into a comfortable routine. The algorithms of the internet show us more of what we already know we like, and therefore, we miss the adventure that is getting out of our bubble and trying new exciting things. By cutting through the noise and connecting people to the stories of local entrepreneurs we can help people get back to the journey of exploring their city, all while keeping our dollars in the local economy.

Anubhav Saxena