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Travel Back to Hogwarts with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra


As surely it is a surprise to no one at all, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra blew fans away with an outstanding performance this weekend as they presented Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone in Concert at the SAIT Jubilee Auditorium.

Featuring John Lowry, Associate Concertmaster and conducted by Shih-Hung Young, the Calgary Philharmonic put together a beautiful showcase of John Williams epic score as the audience had the chance to relive how Harry’s story first began.

Put on by CineConcerts, the Harry Potter Film Concert Series is one among many other presentations that they have put on, including The Godfather in Concert, DreamWorks Animation in Concert, and Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage 50th Anniversary Concert Tour.

Taking some of the most iconic films and bringing their full musical score to life, CineConcerts does an amazing job taking your favourite movies and showcasing them in a whole new light. Founded by producer/conductor Justin Freer and producer/writer Brady Beaubien, CineConcerts allows audiences around the world to experience the full spectacle that is a live concert performance by some of the most talented individuals, go hand-in-hand with some of their most beloved films.

Sitting in the audience, it was easy to forget that there was a full orchestra seated below the screen, as they performed flawlessly and did a wonderful job pulling you into the world of Harry Potter.

For anyone who didn’t get a chance to attend this weekend, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra will be continuing the film series with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in Concert in 2019, along with other Specials such as The Lord of Rings: The Two Towers.

You can view the full calendar for the season here.

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