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Top Places to Start Your Own Business


Here’s another ‘Top Places’ list, except this time it’s for entrepreneurs. As people are starting up their own business ventures, everyone is trying to find the best spot to set up house. Here are the top places to start your own business, based on a recent study by GoCompare.

The list was made based on a variety of factors. Some of these include, funding for business, internet access and the cost of living.

Tallinn, Estonia

The World Economic Forum (WEF) released a report on the city. Known for being tech savvy, the city has scored highly for its ease of registering property, and starting and running a business. Tallinn also has the best cost of living compared to other cities in America and Europe.

This city leads the way as far as growth in tech is concerned. It’s making it more simple for online companies to grow, by letting them operate from a virtual base.

Estonia’s entrepreneurial success is no accident,” the report states. “[The city]…has continued to innovate…[and] now offers e-residency to anyone in the world who would like to do business online…

Toronto, Canada

Based on the province of Ontario’s website, Toronto is a leading city in tech innovation. It is one of the best spots to apply for credit, start a business and pay taxes. The government is also making it more simple to access funding for grants for new business owners. The city also provides a lot of support to new entrepreneurs. There are different groups available for those who need help with making connections, and access to new tech.

New Zealand

New Zealand ranks fourth for biotech potential. It has the highest density of PhD graduates and is also highly ranked for its diversity, making it one of the best places for women and immigrants to start businesses.

According to this Biotechnology Overview, New Zealand is coming out as one of the top places for the biotech industry, including the study of animals and plants. It also provides a unique environment with strict quarantine laws, making it one of the top places for one who is considering research in the science field.

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