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Three Ways to Grow on Instagram in 2018

Credit - @the_floyd_g

Maria Koutsogiannis from FoodByMaria held a workshop last night at HustleCo Work Space to talk about how she was able to develop her brand on Instagram, and get it to 155K followers.

As a Greek Canadian, Maria shared her story and spoke about why she originally decided to use Instagram as a means to become healthier. Bulimic and suffering from body dysmorphia, Maria went through a time where she just wasn’t happy with the way that she looked. In an attempt to overcome her struggles, she started to look into healthier eating and began posting her creations onto Instagram. After moving back to Canada and taking up a job as a waitress, she took to her account with vehemence, “spending more money on food then [she] did paying for rent.”

Maria went on to develop a blog alongside her Instagram account and continued to develop her recipes, her styling and her photography skills. Structuring the majority of her creations towards whole foods and plant-based eating, Maria was able to develop a niche and brand for herself on the Instagram community. Committing to her work, Maria was able to quit her job and do FoodByMaria full time.

Last night, Maria shared with the audience her thoughts and ideas on how to grow to the level that she has currently achieved. Here are the top three things that we took away from her workshop:

  1. Post at least once a day. Consistency is key you want to be interacting with your followers more often than not.
  2. “Plan really pretty grids!” The first nine posts are what people will see when they come to your account. You want to draw them in, not disinterest them and send them away.
  3. Get your point across in the first two lines. Sometimes a caption will require you to say more, but try to get your key points across in the first two lines and your followers can decide if they want to read the rest.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about the workshop you can follow Maria on Instagram, go to her website, or contact HustleCo Work Space to see when they will be holding another one.



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