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The Real Reason You Haven’t Achieved Your Goals



For those who have spent a great deal of time surrounded by “motivational mindsets,” you might have come across a thought piece pertaining to the richest place in the world. Surprisingly, it isn’t an individual city or country, rather it’s a location that can be found in most cities and spread throughout communities. That place is the graveyard.

The reason they say the graveyard is the richest place is because it is filled with the ideas and dreams of the dead which were never achieved. The grave is literally filled with inventions and ideas that never came to pass. Now, there may be a variety of reasons and factors leading to why these commodities never came to fruition, however, today we are going to focus on one specific point, goal setting.

The concept of goal setting is nothing new to the ambitious individual, nor is it for the dreamer. Proper goal setting, however, is much more rare.

We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions, and we’ve all seen our friends make them also. Sadly, very few of us ever follow through with these resolutions. Why is that? To be frank, often times, it can be quite grueling trying to reach or follow through with your well-set intentions. It often involves uncomfortable change and a new routine we aren’t accustomed to. Even those who possess strong will-power seem to have trouble following through with their resolutions.

The Secret:
If you would like to have a higher success rate in accomplishing your goals or your New Year’s resolutions, what you need to look into is your perspective of the task at hand. Losing 20lbs, or saving $10k can seem like a long and daunting path. But just as the famous Lao Tzu quote suggests, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” 

I know you’ve probably heard that before, but really let that sink in for a moment. Do not set out each day to lose 20lbs, or to earn $10k. Rather, focus on each moment and decision in front of you as they come, and make the appropriate choice which will lead to your goal. Meaning, if you want to lose weight, don’t just overhaul your entire life thinking a new fad diet will be the solution. That change is drastic and hard to maintain. Instead, each time you go grocery shopping or out to eat, maybe don’t have a pop refill, have a water instead, or perhaps just try a healthier dish than your usual. These small choices when done with consistency and discipline will eventually lead to the goal you desire. You will also find that focusing on one small choice at a time is much easier to deal with than an entire overhaul of your current kitchen or living situation.

Click here for a link to a tremendous resource for goal setting. Included are 30+ TED Talk videos on this exact phenomenon/perspective.

This week’s takeaway:
Focus less on the destination, and more on the journey.

Fabian Blank

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Three Ways to Turn Social Media Followers Into Paying Customers



As presented by Jobber, in Colony Work Space, Katie Pearse, owner of The Maid Mentor, spoke to an audience about how she was able to convert her social media followers into paying customers.

With a background in marketing, Katie graduated and went on to start her own multi-million dollar cleaning company. After experiencing much success, especially with garnering hype for her company through social media, she switched to consulting to help others do the same.

Jobber, a multifaceted entrepreneur software company, holds many different workshops for their clients and interested people in the community to attend. Key influencers of their respective industries will come out to speak about their experiences.

After listening to Katie, here are the top three takeaways to note:

  1. It doesn’t matter which social media platform you use as long as you target your audience. Know who you are trying to reach and who you’re catering your content towards.
  2. Email lists are everything. According to Katie, email marketing is still 40% more effective than other forms of marketing. So if you’re going to dedicate your time towards one thing, this is it.
  3. Video is an emerging trend. Most social media platforms either started with, or have now made it possible for you to post content through video. Making it easier for customers to view and understand your product, more companies are trying to maximize on this opportunity.

If you’d like to learn more about what Katie shared, you can follow her on Facebook, or reach out to her on her website.

For more opportunities to hear speakers like Katie Pearse talk about their successes and failures, or to take part in workshops to help your business grow, follow Jobber on Instagram, or connect with them through their website.

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The Video That Forever Changed My Life



“Some of you love sleep, more than you love success.” -Eric Thomas

One night, 5 years ago I was feeling in need of some inspiration. I was stuck in a rut and I didn’t know where I was headed or what I wanted from my life. In the late moments of the night, I took to my Facebook and posted a status, “in need of some motivation and inspiration.” It was more of a statement than a request in my mind, but a casual acquaintance of mine from high school shared a link in the comments section.

The video showcased an unknown athlete working out with what seemed to be a rather rigorous routine. What caught my attention more than the impressive work ethic that was displayed of the athlete, was the voice of the narrator. This was the first time I ever heard Eric Thomas speak, and his words would forever change my life.

In the video, Thomas tells a story of a young man who aspires for great things. In pursuit of his goals, the young man seeks out a guru to teach him how to be successful. In what begins as a rather odd circumstance and continues on to be a confusing lesson, the moral of the story is both profound and impactful:

This week’s takeaway:
Everyone of us has a dream, but not nearly enough of us want it bad enough. Only when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath, will you be successful.

Arnold Exconde

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