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The 5 C’s of Coworking



The 5 C’s of Coworking

So you decided to start your own business. If you’re like most entrepreneurs nowadays, it’s most likely a digital based company and you likely launched from home. There’s nothing wrong with that, it keeps the costs low and lets you write off portions of your home for tax purposes. However, working from home can be a serious impediment to your business growth as you try to expand. It works for the bootstrappers for a little bit, but then you start getting homesick, and not because you’re away from home, but because you’re there too much. Besides focusing on the negatives of working from home, let’s talk about the advantages of upgrading from the home office and moving into a coworking space. Here are the 5 C’s that coworking gives you that you’d be hard pressed to find at a home office.


Believe it or not, the home is not conducive to collaboration. How often do you bump into a stranger at your home? Probably never, because if strangers are constantly in your home you probably have a serious security problem! In a dynamic workspace such as a coworking office, it’s ok to bump into strangers, in fact, it’s encouraged. Anyone can tell you it’s about who you know, that will help you make it ahead. If you increase your chances of meeting folks you can collaborate with, your business will grow faster. It’s a mathematical certainty.


At coworking spaces, there’s a good chance you’ll be working in the same space as someone who serves the same market as you. Technically, your services could be in direct competition with that business in the same workspace. For many people, it scares them. But we live in a mixed-market capitalist economy. Competition helps to drive down costs and put pressure on monopolies. In the words of Gianni Versace, “It’s nice to have valid competition; it pushes you to do better.” Being surrounded by competition and having to constantly improve your services is better than being blind to it while sitting at home with a stagnating business.


Ahh Millennials. Most of us can’t even commit to relationships these days. What makes you think you should commit to a 3 year office lease or if you’re lucky, a highly overpriced 1 year deal. Coworking spaces solve these commitment issues and we understand that millennials and entrepreneurs these days have more dynamic needs and are much more mobile. Like those digital nomads doing SEO in Thailand.


As we see traditional communities break down or become less relevant to society nowadays, we have notice that we are losing face time with people we used to socialize with day-to-day, week-to-week. Especially with the advancement of lifestyle technology, we can now decide how and when we engage, and if we engage at all.  By working in a space where other movers and shakers are also working, you can begin to get a sense of community that is both high tech and high touch.  Coworking spaces help to reignite this community spirit to keep you grounded and social.


Business and productive work requires creative and innovative thought. Too often when you are running at mach 10, building your enterprise, you can get into a slump. A slump similar to that of a “writers block”. A coworking space however offers a more organic way to invoke creativity. By having a different vibe, environment and atmosphere than the home office, you’ll find the creativity you’ve been searching for with your business.

What are you waiting for? HustleCo Workspace by Chinook has a fantastic promotion on until July 7th where they are offering drop-in day passes for just $1.50 for Canada’s 150th birthday. The best part? All proceeds are going to charity, the CPAWS (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society).

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Why Valentine’s Day is Actually Designed for Singles



The holiday that we have all either come to love or hate, unsurprisingly, didn’t always revolve around cards and chocolates. The customs that we have all fallen into since we were kids, actually had very different origins than one would think.

Breaking down the holiday, there are actually many different facets that bring it all together. Various martyrdom stories are associated with different Valentine’s of the past. For the most part, the Catholic Church chose to honour them during the month of February, which then led to the naming of the annual celebration. Afterwards, it was all tied together with an ancient ritual celebrated by the Romans.

Lupercalia, the fertility festival, was a yearly celebration for the Romans in honour of the god of agriculture. According to myth, it was also a time to celebrate the Roman founders Romulus and Remus, who were both raised by a she-wolf. There were various aspects to the celebration, most of which, did not make the cut into the 21st century. One such practice involved cutting up animal hides into strips and dipping them into sacrificial blood. They were then slapped against the bodies of women, believing it would allow them to become more fertile for the year. Women would actually line the streets to have their turn as the progression passed through.

The fun part came towards the end, when singles throughout the city would pair off in honour of the festival through random selection via draw. Many times this resulted in successful marriages.

Today, the day is obviously celebrated a little differently, with no bloody whippings of animal hide required. People get to partake in the exchange of tokens of affections with their loved ones, and a plethora of money is spent trying to make that special someone in your life happy. After Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the second most popular holiday for sending cards to other people. Approximately 150 million cards are exchanged, and a total spending of $18.6 billion takes place every year!

So for those of you that will be single for this Valentine’s Day, don’t fret. In fact, relish in the fact that you’re not about to drop some mad cash on someone, just to say that you love them. Valentine’s Day can be a very exciting holiday when you have that significant other in your life, but remember, the day was originally for all the single people to hook up! So really, instead of being sad, what you should really spend the day doing is stripping apart goat hide and finding someone to smack it with…kidding.

unsplash-logoClem Onojeghuo

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Local Love for Local Laundry



​As a stylist, a student, and super tired individual, I needed something simple. December is in full-swing. The holiday season has just begun. The weather is arguably way warmer in Calgary than I have ever witnessed in my lifetime; I have no complaints. It’s safe to say that this season I’ve fully embraced my city.

From the weather to the clothing, I’ve come full circle. More importantly, during this fine December I’ve taken it upon myself to shop locally.

I couldn’t be more ecstatic to have this opportunity to collaborate with HYPR Magazine and The Salt Co., to showcase Local Laundry’s new collection. With the brand being 100% established in Canada and that they also support a good cause, this season couldn’t get any better. With their goal to raise over $1 million for local Canadian charities, it’s something you can’t turn your back on.

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The Local Collection features a variety of styles that serve to connect. As a born and raised Calgarian who’s lived in YYC her whole life, this is brilliant. I say this because there’s no doubt in my mind that as Canadian’s we can be quick to support people outside of our realm. Don’t get me wrong, this is not bad— it’s defintely in our caring nature. However, we can’t forget the talent that we possess within the true north strong and free. In addition to that, it’s also a positive impact on our economy and keeps our communities unique. What more could you ask for?

The Local Crewneck— Local Laundry Apparel
In Frame: @StyledByTiwaa | Photo Series Shot by: The Salt Co. 
Click here to order yours online!

Supporting local businesses is beyond important. A fine majority of clothes are being internationally made, LL is home. The internet provides access to a worldwide web of choices, so let Local Laundry be your first.
Shopping locally is an act of respect. I can guarantee it probably takes more than an arm and a leg to set up small business. And showing your support is another way to acknowledge the challenges and tribunals orchestrated to get them where they are now. Not only that, this is a major movement in the Canadian clothing industry and a reduction to the carbon footprint. Look good, feel good, AND preserve our land? I’m happy.

LL Pocket Tee — Local Laundry Apparel
In Frame: @StyledByTiwaa | Photo Series Shot by: The Salt Co.
Click here to order yours online!

More importantly, you can feel the care and the quality. This was evidently felt the moment I put on The Local Crewneck. “70% cotton, 30% polyester fleece and 100% sourced”…completely true to their promise. Not only that, with their new Local Collection it’s gives a unique spin to which allows you demonstrate your own personal styling. Every city has it’s own design. And for that reason it’s easy to tell that this brand is a reflection of Canada… A homegrown company where their work is literally a reflection of themselves. That speaks volumes.

The world is becoming increasingly homogenized…rep your city, rep your country, rep your neighbourhood. Stay local. 

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