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There has been a significant change in terms of what startups used to do before, and what they do now. Startup companies are the focal point of innovation, growth, and new talent in this generation. Beyond product development, they are becoming the ideal training grounds for building strong leadership skills.

In an interview with Jamie Hoobanoff, the CEO and Founder of The Leadership Agency, she shares how startups can be a great place to find new leadership talent. In order for startup companies to continue to succeed, recruiting the right talent is crucial.

What is The Leadership Agency All About?

The Leadership Agency’s (TLA) purpose is to help clients build the most impressive companies of our generation. TLA works exclusively with the technology start-up community in hiring the best leaders from the workforce.

Currently, TLA is working with a variety of different startups, including 7Shifts, Ritual, Stack-Adapt, Coinsquare and TouchBistro. They’ve interviewed over 10,000 leaders across North America and have placed 3,000 people in approximately 300 different companies. 95% of their clients have been startup businesses, and have continued to work with them as they develop and grow.

Recruitment as a Strategy

Technology startup companies need to reframe their thinking when it comes to winning the war for leadership talent. Companies do not realize the importance of having a strong strategy geared towards recruitment. Hoobanoff explains that recruitment should have a strategic approach. It should not be a reaction to the needs and wants to hire someone.

Reactionary approach in recruitment means that companies are just responding to their needs to fill a spot. TLA believes that a reactionary approach will not give a company the best chance in determining who the best people are for the position. Inadvertently, companies end up settling when hiring candidates that are perhaps not the best fit for what they need.

Statistically, 80% of businesses are not even known of to those looking for work. Recognized brands will always win in the war of talents. Startup companies need to understand the importance of investing into an internal or external agent, that is dedicated to managing the recruitment process. Moreover, most of us don’t know how to position our company as a competitive place to work in. This is where having someone like TLA step in, comes in handy.

Using a strategic approach for hiring involves having great resources, or an agent, that will allow you to find the best people that you need in order to succeed.

Advantages of Working with TLA

TLA is willing to help different scales of startup companies within the technology realm. Hoobanoff said that TLA works with any kind of tech startup, no matter how big or small they may be; regardless if they have five or 500 employees, and whether they are just starting out, or earning hundreds of millions dollars.

The leaders that they hire for their clients prove that TLA’s level of expertise help all levels of startup businesses grow. In their experience, almost all of the candidates placed by TLA have either met or exceeded their first year targets. TLA is also very committed to leadership diversity, where 50% of leaders placed by TLA are female.

Experiences in Working with TLA

Finding a decent agency to work with that will cater your needs is extremely difficult. According to Martin Hauck, the Head of Talent of Coinsquare, they considered themselves lucky to have discovered an agency like TLA. Coinsquare is one of the leading, digital currency exchange companies in the marketplace. It’s a place for people to easily buy, sell and trade digital currencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Dash, XRP (Ripple), Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin.

TLA’s strategies and approaches are successful in recruiting over a short period of time. According to Hauck, within 24 hours of TLA’s initial search, they had a few candidates on hand, ready to go. Over the next couple of days, they had even more talented individuals that were ready for an interview. Hauck shared that these candidates were considered top performers and had all the required qualifications they had outlined.

Hauck testified that every step of the discovery process with TLA was impressive. For instance, the level of qualifications they looked for, the questions they asked during the interview, and the research their team did before any meeting. Everything that TLA did, made their clients feel confident and secure with the services that they were getting.

“We truly believe that we get to help build the most impressive companies of our generation.” – Jamie Hoobanoff, CEO and Founder of The Leadership Agency

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