Accelerating Culture

Presented by co-founder Renato Niro, StudentSaver is a mobile application that allows you to discover your city’s best offers, events and experiences, based on your lifestyle. Insights from interactions help businesses better understand their audiences in their mission to provide value.

What are the benefits that you experienced developing your startup as a student?

Approaching your business and problems from a student mindset allows you to explore new ideas in a way that supports learning and growth, while receiving access to an amazing community of peers, mentors and like-minded individuals; it helps support you and your venture.

What is your company’s unfair competitive advantage?

There’s almost a type of “insight” to be had with the student market, as we are part of that demographic, and can see those trends (and can closely hear that feedback) from friends and other peers.

Why is now the time for your company to exist?

Technology is ever changing and won’t be slowing down anytime soon. As this trend continues, we think it’s important to adapt our businesses and solutions to be closely aligned with that. Access to digital information is tied with convenience, and access to current technology really allows us to more easily discover what amazing experiences are waiting to be found.

Brooke Cagle