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Ep. 008 – Alex Greaves on posture, mobility and the importance of being a multi-sport athlete


“They’re overlooking the fact that humans are designed to move.” – Alex Greaves

For this episode of our podcast we had the opportunity to sit down with Alex Greaves, Movement Specialist at Elite Sports Therapy and founder of Strong Range of Motion.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Calgary, Alex grew up playing sports throughout his childhood. From wrestling to soccer to street hockey, Alex’s parents were strong advocates for the life skills that one can gain from being physically active and involved in team sports. His diverse background in athletics and the impact they have had in his current field of work is very evident.

With his years serving as a personal trainer, along with his degree in kinesiology, Alex was able to take his basic massage training and customize it in order to better suit the needs of an athlete’s body. With all his knowledge and experience in the field, it should come as no surprise that we were armed with a multitude of questions to ask Alex this week and we hope that you get as much value learning from him as we did!

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Why is cross-training so important?
  • What can the typical 9-5 person do at the job to alleviate posture issues?
  • How does having a proper stretching regime compare with doing yoga?



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Question of the show: Do you have a warm-up routine?  If so, what is it?

Show Notes:

  • What got Alex into Sports? [03:45]
  • Why should someone become a multi-sport athlete? [07:00]
  • What is a movement specialist? [08:15]
  • What are some common mobility issues? [10:30]
  • Why is texting bad for your posture? [11:30]
  • What are some practical tips for people who work nine to five? [14:00]
  • How does someone tell the difference between a good self-therapy and pain? [18:00]
  • What are healthy tissues and what is flexibility? [22:00]
  • What are the common mobility problems for regular gym goers? [22:00]
  • Alex on his upbringing [28:15]
  • Alex on books [42:15]
  • What is the Ki-Hara Method? [44:00]
  • What is something that Alex believes to be true? [47:15]







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