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Stephen Hawking’s Stellar Voice is to Transcend into a Black Hole


Many have mourned to date the passing of physicist, Stephen Hawking in March of this year, after his lengthy battle with a degenerative motor neuron disease. 

According to, Daily Mail, the family had thought Hawking would ‘last forever’. In essence, he has remained a bright shining star to many of his fans.

Those same shining stars in our galaxy are known by physicists to often be absorbed into dark matter, called black holes. What is beyond or within this dark matter still remains unknown to scientists across the globe. 

It is therefore very fitting as Hawking’s family has revealed that his voice will be beamed into a black hole, while his ashes are to be placed at Westminster Abbey, as part of his memorial this Friday.

To accompany Hawking’s voice on this momentous journey through the galaxy will be music by, Greek composer, Vangelis (Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou).

Hawking’s bereaved daughter, Lucy Hawking, wishes that this initiative, in light of her father’s passing, will bring peace, hope, unity, and harmony together on this planet.

Lucy describes this broadcast of the Vangelis composition as intended to be a symbolic gesture, linking her father’s earthly presence to fulfill his wish of traveling through space, and his mind’s transcendence into the universe.

She adds, during an interview with the Telegraph, that the broadcast will be channeled towards a black hole that is only a mere 3,300 light years away, in a 1A 0620-00 binary star system, in the constellation Monoceros.

So how is this possible? Well, this unique broadcast will be taking place in outer space, of course. Hopefully, exactly how the stellar Professor Hawking would have wanted it.




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