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Sometimes, Winning Feels Like Depression.

Success is a subjective measure. Some will count money, some will count days off, and some will count an obscure collections of materials. What is not subjective is the fact that everyone wants success in their lives. The reasons, ambitions and motives may vary, but success in itself is always desired.

Due to this desire, we have a passion which propels us towards success. However, somewhere along the road to our destination we hit a few speed bumps; financial setbacks, relationship issues, self-esteem block, so on and so forth. After a while, we decide to give up. We think “this is too hard, it won’t happen, I’m unlucky.” But what we don’t realize is that, as pointed out in our Have You Woken Up Yet article, the inertia of the process is far more important than the initial results.

Every motivational speaker in essence speaks to the same few, core principles, one of which is simply the importance of getting started and showing up. What happens when we hit our roadblocks is that we stop showing up and refuse to push the dream forward. We would rather break down on the side of the road, never reaching our goal, simply because we are too afraid of the pain, the discomfort, and the uncertainty that comes your way.

This week we have a new video to share with you from Basquiat Picasso, whose work we have previously featured with Angelo the motivator. In the video, Angelo builds off of his previous framework of the importance of starting, and using your momentum to your advantage.

This week’s takeaway:
If you’re working towards your goal, sometimes it’s going to hurt. It may be physical or psychological pain, but remember, the presence of pain means that you’re moving closer to your dream. Keep pushing through, and break into your future.

Naomi August



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