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Social Media Algorithms: How to Hack Them


Social media – a powerful tool every entrepreneur needs if they want to set their brand apart from the rest. Social media marketing is now a powerful marketing and communication tool that businesses and companies will use to create an online presence, as well as a strong brand image. 

Over the past year, social media platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn, have changed their algorithms to feature certain accounts more than others. Although these algorithms are designed to create the best user experience, it often times will leave certain content creators in the dark abyss of no engagement.

Dealing with the Rise and Fall of Your Social Media Account

In an interview conducted by Conrad Yeung, Ben Lee shared his story on how he overcame the Algorithm Armageddon.

Entrepreneur, CEO of Rootstrap and a columnist at notable online publications such as and, Lee used his LinkedIn account to build himself a strong ecosystem of content, connections, traffic and engagement. On his own, the content he created brought in hundreds of thousands of viewers and likes.  

Within one night, however, all those numbers dropped and Lee witnessed first-hand the negative impact social media algorithm‘s can have on its content creators and influencers.  

“As a content creator, I’d say I invested $25,000 dollars in creating content and LinkedIn erased 6 months of that,” shared Lee.

“Part of the cat and mouse game of being a content creator or digital publisher is that you have to be ready for market conditions to change, like algorithms. It’s just all part of operating on these platforms.”

After going through this digital downfall and watching other creators suffer the same fate, Lee had to adapt and change.  

Social media alone cannot be the foundation for developing your company and building brands. Lee shared his thoughts on how to build your success without solely relying on social media platforms.

How To Begin Building Your Brand Around Your Company 

Lee breaks it down to 3 key factors to take into account when it comes to utilizing social media: 

  1. Create Content and Syndicate It: Promote it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Being resourceful is crucial.
  2. Invest in Advertisement: Social media advertising can take your content to a global scale. Using Facebook or Instagram Ads will share it with an audience that you’re familiar with. It creates a connection with the viewers, and therefore generates more traffic.
  3. Create a Company Newsletter: Keeps your community up to date and it’s the best way to communicate with your peers. It builds a relationship with others and can answer questions that you may be unable to answer.

Driving Traffic And Engagement 

No content creator wants their work to go unnoticed. Do what you can to build your ecosystem of content and connections.

  1. Choose your social media platform. What works for you and how will you utilize it?
  2. Invest time into creating your content. Quality is important.
  3. Create everyday.

“While they might not admit this, I am a firm believer that social media platforms do reward content creators who are more consistent,” Lee emphasized.

Social Media and E-Mail Marketing

Social media marketing has had a huge impact on how entrepreneurs and influencers do business. It has opened up a broad spectrum of opportunities that can be beneficial to companies and brands. However, email is still where it’s at.

“You have got to drive the engager to email,” explained Lee. 

“Email is the only way. If you ask any e-commerce expert or marketer, they’ll tell you the same thing. Email is the highest converting platform for selling an info product, for selling merchandise, for getting people to sign up for a new app or service. It is the only way you can be sure to not get blog-restricted, or have to deal with algorithm changes.”

Email is where it all started, and it’s where it continues to be.

Branding: Not Always About Selfies

Business is more than just social media. It’s about building the brand and your content. In today’s digital age, everyone wants to be a social media influencer or content creator. People are always striving to create their own personal brand.  

“The most exciting part of this New Age Wave of Influencer Height, is that it’s de-constructing the model of what was needed for production of content,” said Lee. You don’t need big production companies or TV shows. We need kids with a camera, a rig or a GoPro.”

Although it is no doubt an appealing thought to be famous for your own personal brand, it’s not always necessary to be the big personality.

“If you’re not gaining traction, maybe it’s something else,” explained Lee. Maybe it’s the behind-the-scenes work that’s going to get you excited, or being an editor or working alongside an influencer, without having to be the big personality. At the end of the day, it’s either you got it or you don’t.”

Not everyone is meant to be in the public eye. What matters is what content you create and how you can put it out there. It’s the work and time put into your business that counts.  

Don’t rely on social media to be the deciding factor behind your ability to succeed. Instead, think of it as an extra tool in an entrepreneur’s toolbox.

As Yeung concluded his conversation with Lee, it’s safe to say that it won’t be the change of an algorithm that will ultimately dictate your success.

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