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Snapchat’s Newest Feature Will Allow You to Shop on Amazon


Snapchat is once again changing the way we view the app. After the introduction of their gaming hub, they are now coming out with something new. Let’s prepare for their latest visual product search feature.

As reported by TechCrunch, the feature – codenamed “Eagle” – will allow users to press and hold on items they see through the camera on Snapchat and then search for the object on Amazon. In essence, the feature will allow users to shop online for items they see in the real world. The search feature will function much like the integrated Shazam feature, which allows users to identify songs playing around them through the app.

The feature has not yet been released. However, the data for the feature is present in the code for Snapchat’s latest update, which was found and sent to TechCrunch by app researcher Ishan Agarwal. Neither Snap Inc. or Amazon have commented thus far on any speculations regarding the upgrade.

This is not the first time the company has taken steps to simplify the user experience. In 2017, Snap launched Context Cards which allows users to find relevant information to the snaps they view. This includes restaurant reviews, reservations, Lyfts, Ubers, and more. The feature allow users to find the information they’re curious about in the snaps that they view. Context Cards also serves as a great marketing tool for businesses.

As Snap continues to roll out new features such as Visual Search, it will be interesting to see what other methods they come up with to fuse the digital world with the ‘real’ world.

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