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Shotty Horroh: Journey From Rap to Rock


Born in the inner city of Harpurhey, Manchester, Adam Ronney, also known as Shotty Horroh, has worked towards creating success in his music career. With his musical talents stemming from creating rap music, Shotty had started to garner attention in the hip hop community. Soon his YouTube videos began to draw in large audiences. It was not long after that he started to attract the attention of fellow hip hop artists wanting to collaborate.

Finding Inspiration

Shotty’s past experiences have had a huge impact on his eventual transition from rap battles into the rock scene. During an exclusive interview with HYPR Magazine’s Avneet Sangha, Shotty voiced his thoughts on the impact of the terrorist attacks that took place in May 2017. Hitting so close to home, he wanted to convey the emotions he felt after such an event to his listeners. Therefore leading to his switch from rap music into guitar-heavy, alternative-rock music.

As he continued down his path, the lack of awareness and sensitivity surrounding other social issues became more evident. As a songwriter, Shotty gets his inspiration from his day to day life. All the different people and situations that he has encountered have played a role in influencing his musical creativity. Shotty says his music has a dynamic range between rap and rock and roll, which he uses as a tool to share different stories. Therefore, allowing him to showcase the Multicultural England that he calls home. His great team, along with his family and friends, have had a large hand in contributing to his success.

Music Career

The last few years have been a great year for Shotty’s musical success. After establishing his career in the battle rap industry, he soon moved to Toronto, Canada. It was there that he began to explore other forms of music. Shotty describes his music as a hybrid of Indie rock, with a combination of pop and hip hop. “A little bit of everything.

Due to his phenomenal talent, Shotty was quickly attracting the attention from some big name artists, including Jay-Z, Drake, and DeadMau5. Shotty soon signed a contract working with Mau5Trap Records and was featured in DeadMau5’s track, Legendary. He has recently signed on with Sony Music Entertainment and his debut album, Salt of the Earth, was released earlier today.

Salt of the Earth

Describing his new release as “face melting music with a punk sound, mixed in with amazing rhymes,” the album digs deep into what is currently happening all around us. The aggressiveness and intensity of the songs is intended to bring a rough awareness to the harsh realities of the world. While combining in heartbreak and softness to bring out the emotions that often go hand in hand with art and reality.

Click to here to listen to Shotty’s latest release.



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