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Ep. 004 – Sean Sweeney on the fastest growing sport in Canada, how to prepare for greatness and why everyone is in sales.


“Greatness takes a little bit of time” – Sean Sweeney

This week we had the pleasure of sitting down with Sean Sweeney, the lead trainer at, one of Calgary’s leading gym’s when it comes to obstacle course training.

A true “Jock of all Trades”, Sean’s success when it comes to athletics is very evident when one is privy to his extensive list of accolades. Currently Sean works in medical sales and marketing for EFW Radiology, and along with his passion for his career, we got to learn about his other interests when he isn’t at work. 

Along with coaching at, Sean has also applied his background as a National level cyclist to serving him as a spin and cycling coach. He has acted as a brand ambassador for both X Warrior Challenge and Spartan Race Global, along with being featured in IMPACT Magazine and making an appearance on Dragons’ Den. was first opened in January 2016 as a place for people to train and hone their skills as obstacle racers. One year later they opened up their second location, and are ready to continue expanding all across Canada. 

Topics Discussed Include:

  • What does mental toughness mean to you?
  • How do you help someone recognize patterns of success versus patterns of failure in their life?
  • What routines do you have in your life to help you maintain a positive lifestyle?

Talking with Sean was a great time and I’m sure you all will enjoy this podcast as well!



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Sean Sweeney

Instagram | LinkedIn | Cor.Fit (Website)

Question of the show: Have you ever tried obstacle course racing?

Show Notes:

  • Who is Sean Sweeney [03:00]
  • How did Cor.Fit come into existence? [06:40]
  • How do you help new members overcome the intimidation factor? [12:15]
  • Sean on his sports background [17:00]
  • How do you develop mental toughness? [24:00]
  • How do you help someone reprogram their patterns of failure to patterns of achievement? [29:00]
  • What is Sean’s daily routine? [33:00]
  • Sean’s thoughts of cheat meals [41:00]
  • What are your lessons learnt during your sales career? [43:30]
  • Did sales help with coaching athletes? [45:00]
  • What’s the vision for Cor.Fit? [50:00]
  • Sean’s experience appearing on Dragon’s Den [52:30]
  • If you could go back in time? Would you change anything? [1:06:00]





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