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Ep. 002 – Paul Hauk on how the importance of taking responsibility, handling losses in business and the most important lesson is sales.


“There’s working in your business and there’s working on your business” – Paul Hauk

After a chance meeting at a Starbucks years ago, we were recently able to reconnect with Paul Hauk (Facebook) and sit down over a cup of coffee to ask him some questions.

Paul grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan where the entrepreneurial lifestyle was introduced to him at a young age. Like every good Canadian, Paul had originally decided that he was going to grow up to be an accountant and an NHL player at the same time! It wasn’t long after that Paul decided that perhaps that wasn’t what he was best suited towards and ended up starting his own business in 1999.

The Benefits Specialist Corporation, and BeneCo, a division of the company, is a family based business, focused towards providing employee benefits that Paul runs with the help of his wife Ann. However, despite his success as a broker, Paul had much more to offer us during our too brief discussion.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • What would you say if you had to write your own eulogy?
  • How do you help people overcome their weaknesses?
  • What routines help you start your day off well?

From starting off in door to door sales to now establishing his own profitable organization, Paul shared with us his journey and the struggles he had to overcome to achieve his success. Some of the key influences in his life have been Michael GerberZig Ziglar, Wayne Dyer and Brene Brown.



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Question of the show: Do you believe in giving value without expecting anything in return?

Show Notes:

  • How do you stay present during meetings?
  • Paul’s life motto [04:45]
  • How do you eliminate your personal agenda during business meetings and focus on adding value first? [06:15]
  • How do you pitch your business? [08:45]
  • Can you teach intuition? [10:10]
  • How do you leverage your strengths? [14:10]
  • Paul on why strategic breaks is just as important as doing the work [19:30]
  • Paul on his childhood and his main influences [21:00]
  • The most important lesson in learning sales [28:15]
  • How do you handle losing in business? [36:00]
  • How do you develop persistence? [42:30]
  • Why your association is one the the biggest indicators of success [48:00]
  • Paul on his morning routine [49:00]
  • Paul on adding value by smiling at someone everyday [53:45]
  • The importance of taking responsibility [55:45]
  • How you make someone feel is the most important sales lesson [58:00]
  • Paul on whether he would change anything if he could time travel [1:10:15]







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