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Otafest is Bigger and Better

Cosplayers dressed as "Ouran Koukou host club" at Otafest in Calgary.

The annual Otafest celebration is even bigger and better than last year.  From cosplay, to speaker panels, to gaming there is something for every anime fanatic at Otafest. The three day festival over the Canada Day weekend, has become the optimal place for fans and enthusiasts to gather and share their passion for all things anime related.

The convention has something to offer to all those who attend, whether or not you are an anime fan. Starting from the vendors that are not only selling amazing paraphernalia but also bringing unique experience such as VR and meet and greet experiences with the Cast of Sailor Moon.

When talking to some of the attendees they could not contain their excitement for the festivities of the weekend. The panels had to be the most talked about event. People looking forward to increasing their knowledge or skill set but also wanting to experience the engaging, interactive panels such as the ‘Disney Sing Along’ and ‘Cards Against Otafest’.

Along side the numerous activities that you can participate in at the festival, another great aspect is the costumes and cosplayers.

Otafest is a great place for cosplayers because unlike ComicCon where they are more focused on paraphernalia,  Otafest creates a culture and environment where you can have fun creating your costumes and dressing up with your friends” says Mckenna  who was fully costumed up and ready to attend the event.

Mckenna in her constume with her friend
Makenna and friend dressed as characters from “Danganronpa” or “Hope’s Peak Academy Saga”

Some of the costumes take the attendees 4 – 6 weeks to make, which was the case for Glen and Brycen who went full force with their costumes.

Callum, Glen and Brycen are ready for battle!

So whether you are going because you get the chance to experience anime culture or to game with your friends in full costume, Otafest is the place to be this weekend. Make sure to check out their schedule because they plan to be in operation till 6am and start again three hours later at 9.  Be sure you don’t miss any of it!




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