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New Desserts Coming to Stampede!


Because this will be my first Stampede ever, I have to say I’m very excited to try all the different things it has to offer: the shows, the rides and of course, the food. However, I must admit, the desserts are what I’m looking forward to the most!

According to the Stampede’s website, this year they will be offering six brand new desserts to discover and enjoy. Here’s a sneak-peek!

1. Cookie Dough-ne

This is a raw cookie dough in a waffle cone, which makes it easy for walking around while you satisfy your sweet tooth. Upgrade your dessert by surrounding it with cotton candy, and don’t forget to add sprinkles!

 2. Rolled Ice Cream

One of the trendiest desserts in Calgary currently and also one of my favourites! Thai Rolled Ice cream, as the name itself suggests, consists of rolls of ice cream packed into a cup. You can add brownies, Pocky sticks, strawberries, whipped cream… there are so many options to choose from! You can get your ice cream at the International Pavillon. My suggestion: Try the Why so Salty? You won’t regret it.

3. Deep Fried Jell-O

It’s pretty much exactly what you think it is. A Jell-O stuffed ball that gets deep-fried and sprinkled with sweet powdered sugar. We’re all going to have to try this one to see what it’s like.

4. Unicorn White Hot Chocolate

Decadent, creamy, steamed white hot chocolate. Rainbow sour poppers lining the top, sprinkles, sugar stars, ribbon rainbow tail, and a cotton candy cloud to finish it off. I think this one will be an Instagram favourite this stampede.

5. Mini Donut-Chata

As a Mexican myself, I can’t deny that I’ve loved horchata ever since I was a kid. This dessert is an upgraded version of that. Made with ice cold Cinnamon Dulce rice milk, it’s rimmed with toffee bits and topped off with whipped cream, cinnamon toast crunch cereal, and caramel drizzle. You also have the option to add Moose Balls and a mini doughnut ice pop on top. Yum…

6. Cereal Monster Sandwich

This one is made of a monster-sized scoop of ice cream between two cereal infused marshmallow squares. It’s definitely the definition of why we always have more space for dessert!

Don’t miss out this Stampede on all these wonderful features, fun and of course, the flavours!

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All pictures have been taken from the Calgary Stampede website.



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