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Jamstack: Changing the Guitar Experience Forever

JamStack is world's first portable amp!


When it comes to playing his guitar, Chris Prendergast, a Toronto-based musician and now businessman, prefers it to be hassle free. Not wanting to have to deal with the usual mess of cables and wires, he was inspired to create his brilliant new device — Jamstack.

Jamstack is the world’s first, portable amplifier, that attaches to the base of any standard electric guitar. By integrating it with your smartphone, it allows you to access multiple different features such as being able to play along with your favourite songs.

In an exclusive interview with Prendergast, he spoke further on how the device works and the clockwork behind it all.  

We heard you were a science teacher when you came up with the idea of the portable amp. What made you switch your career choice to a full-time musician?

I was a part-time musician while I was a teacher. Once I came up with the idea for Jamstack, I knew that would need my full attention. So I made the leap of faith to start this company and create it. 

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Where did you get the idea of coming up with Jamstack?

I grew increasingly frustrated that whenever I wanted to play my guitar, I had to lug all of this equipment around and plug it in. I remember asking myself if there was a better way. So I started to play around with the idea that this could be possible and started brainstorming.

Can you elaborate more about the device and how it works?

The Jamstack attaches to any standard electric guitar body using the strap button that’s already there. The sound then travels into your speaker, through your cellphone and out the amplifier.jamstack (1)

Who would you like to see using your creation?

John Mayer would be amazing. He’s such a modern guitar god, and a really important guitar player to a lot of people. Also, Slash and Dave Grohl are super high on the list. And, I know this is cheating but, I’d love to see just young guitar players super engaged in playing their instrument.

Where would you like to see yourself and your company 5 years from now? 10 years from now?

10 years is a long time. 5 years I’d say, with a host of products people are crazy about, and an awesome community of people sharing their musical ideas.

Fun fact: In 2017, Prendergast raised over $400,000 in crowdfunding – allowing him to hire a design company to create a prototype, create videos of the prototype and start production.

Another vision that Prendergast shared with us is how Jamstack will change music education. For both in-person and online lessons, his device will be able to facilitate some awesome, electric guitar classrooms.

If you would like to know more about the device, check out the website or follow Jamstack on Instagram.



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