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Is Facebook Making You Depressed?

Everything in class and moderation people, that is key, that is balance. Have you ever considered the amount of time you spend on social media? If so, have you ever considered the affect it has on you?

We live in a world of true gluttony. Currently, we consume media and information at an unprecedented rate. The effect this has on us is an impatient disposition, and the results of said disposition are a lack of perseverance, and ultimately happiness. Author, motivational speaker and marketing consultant, Simon O. Sinek, delves into the imbalance of instant gratification that currently reigns supreme in our current culture in this new viral video.

Sinek speaks on what he’s personally noted of the millennial mindset. He highlights it’s unhealthy pathway, which dissuades from love, joy, fulfillment, and perseverance.

“The worst case scenario (and it’s already happening) is an increase in suicide rates, increase of accidental death due to drug overdoses, we’re seeing more and more kids drop out and take leaves of absence due to depression.”

This week’s takeaway:
Find a better balance between life and technology. Be present, and consider the effects of what you’re consuming.

William Iven



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