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INDISTRY: Taking on Netflix


To date, there are around 100 streaming video subscription services, all trying to give Netflix a run for their money. The Guardian shared that, “Britain’s growing appetite for services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime has seen the number of subscribers to streaming services overtake those signed up to pay-TV providers such as Sky, BT and Virgin Media for the first time.” The endless variety and options available to viewers creates constant competition within the industry. The main difference between subscription services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, is their content. Competitors are having to find new unique ways to set themselves apart. INDISTRY has done just that.

“INDISTRY partners with studio production houses and indie filmmakers alike to seek out content that no one else has. 90% of the content (films/TV series across different genres) on the platform are exclusive to INDISTRY. We also have an in-house production team that currently films/produces all ‘INDISTRY Live’ content for the platform.” – Mary Landaverde, CEO & Erroll Angara, COO

INDISTRY is a “multi-channel, multi-faceted entertainment platform” that allows you to be more than just a viewer.

The website includes the possibility to watch, stop, share, and interact with its content. Products and brands are linked, allowing subscribers to find and purchase what they like. When it comes to content, INDISTRY doesn’t draw the line at movies and series. Additionally, the website contains 4 categories to choose from: Celebrity Reel, Emerging, Live Events, and INDISTRY Talks.

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Celebrity Reel

The Celebrity Reel section of the website shows exclusive celebrity content related to sports, music, and entertainment.

“We know with today’s social media, anyone can see celebrities’ and influencers’ daily lives. We hand pick those celebs that we feel are using their influence to empower and make a positive impact in this generation. So, we look to work with (and carefully select) those celebs that we want to help bring forth their personal story, their work outside of the limelight/field (in the case of athletes) and show fans an up close & personal side to who they are as PEOPLE.   

“When appropriate, we incorporate our interactive ‘hot spots’ across the video so that fans can watch their content, donate to their cause or purchase their merchandise directly on their screen. 

“Currently Celebrity Reel highlights some of the meaningful content we’ve produced and filmed in collaboration with our partner, Virgin Hotels, where we highlight events and behind-the-scenes with artists that we’ve worked with to support charity, or a film to drive awareness about domestic violence.” 

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Emerging is a platform for new music and artists to share their work and develop a following. INDISTRY carefully selects artists and provide them with their own channels that feature direct links to connect listeners to their music.

“INDISTRY TV has brought on Grammy Award-winning record executive, and TV/Film music supervisor and film producer, Amir Windom, as Chief Creative Officer. Windom is an iconic name in the music world and has served as a music supervisor on films and with talented music artists such as Bruno Mars, Kanye West and Pharrell. Windom focuses on creating and bringing new content while also finding and nurturing emerging artists. INDISTRY currently has 6 emerging artists.”

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Live Events

Live Events features an HD live stream of events ranging from concerts to sports events. There is the possibility of attending the events throughout the U.S. with a VIP level subscription to INDISTRY.

“INDISTRY is the exclusive digital streaming partner for The Virgin Hotels Group. Through this partnership, it allows us to activate events around music, fashion, arts and social good. INDISTRY’s digital entertainment platform comes to life through a monthly curated event series called ‘INDISTRY Presents’ at Virgin Hotels Chicago (and soon in San Francisco and Las Vegas in 2019), that bring creatives, consumers and brands together to one community.  Some events benefit a specific charity or social cause, and INDISTRY’s interactive platform allows audiences to donate (or learn more) as they watch on their screen.”

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The talks available on the website are 10 minute interviews with influencers and experts. INDISTRY offers the unique opportunity for subscribers to submit their own “Talk” ideas and videos to be shared. Submissions are currently being accepted through their website.

The Future of INDISTRY

The founders forecasted that INDISTRY 2.0 will be released in early 2019. They will be adding new premier content uploaded on the new, enhanced platform.

With our new voting feature in 2019, fans and subscribers will get to vote what programming they want to watch! We strive to put the power into the hands of the audience to tell us what they want to consume, while giving show producers, indie filmmakers and emerging artists the ability to ‘listen’ to their fans to help guide what they create for them. It’s a ‘Co-Create’ process which we know will be beautiful to watch unfold.

INDISTRY will also be releasing its first INDISTRY original TV series in early 2019.

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Women in the INDISTRY

Founders of the company, Mary Landaverde, CEO & Erroll Angara, _DSC4892 - Final.jpgCOO, also shared on being entrepreneurs in a field that is 80% male dominated.

There aren’t many women at the helm of a Tech company, even less in Entertainment. When you’re a female in any predominantly male-driven industry, the challenges can be endless. From social expectations, limited access to funding for startups, building a support network, balancing life and work priorities. The Entertainment industry is no different, and gender inequality (in front of camera as well as behind) is very much part of the list of challenges in this field.

We applaud women all over the world today who are finally cracking ceilings in business and government, and leading innovations in science and technology; and though the story of ‘two women behind INDISTRY’ is a good one to tell, we feel the better narrative is how ‘INDISTRY is behind all artists regardless of gender, race, color, or sexual orientation.’ As leaders in new digital entertainment, we see this as an opportunity to move away from gender-biases that exist in this space to a creative community that focuses on the progress of all people regardless of gender, background, talent, and lifestyles. For us, INDISTRY has always been about people and the creative arts. INDISTRY leaders just happen to be two women.”


From One Woman to Another

They offered some advice to any women who may be interested, yet slightly intimidated to work in the tech industry:

“If you want to change the world, build your team with visionaries. Surround yourself with highly-talented and diversely-skilled leaders who share your passion to do something different. Don’t let challenge offend you, in fact, encourage it! You will build a more authentic and invested team in the long run.”

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