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YouTube Android Users Get First Dibs on New Incognito Mode


Incognito mode is finally an option for watching YouTube videos. Users can now hide what they are viewing from others. Much like Google Chrome’s ‘incognito mode,’ your watch and search history will be disabled when the feature is being used.  

The update has been live for users as of Monday, July 9th. 9to5Google offers us an in-depth insight into all that this new feature will provide. 

When turning on incognito for the first time, 9to5Google states that a prompt will indicate “You’ve gone Incognito.” While browsing, if you run across a video that you want to save, the option to “Turn off Incognito,” will be below your video.

As your avatar in the top-right corner is accessible from anywhere in the YouTube app, it’s very fast and convenient to enter this mode,” says, 9to5Google.

Keep in mind, any activity might still be visible by employers, schools or internet service providers.

Things to be mindful of while accessing Incognito mode in YouTube

  • 9to5Google, states that “the Home and Trending feeds are the only parts of the app accessible when incognito is turned on.
  • During a period of inactivity, incognito mode will turn off on its own. To avoid this, users can tap the avatar in the top-right corner to ensure incognito mode remains activated.
  • You can still pause your videos and search history. Just make the adjustment in your settings.




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