Accelerating Culture

One of the hardest things

about running a successful business is making people aware that you actually have one. We know how much time you put in laying the groundwork and getting yourself set up in order to provide the best business possible. Now you just need people to actually show up, and we can help you do that.

What You'll Get

Guerilla Marketing
Nothing can really replace the effect of one on one conversation. As our team works to sell your services to the consumers, we know having someone present that they can question and talk to will leave a better and long-lasting impact.

Time and Location
Featured during some of Calgary’s busiest markets, HYPR will strategically be located on Stephen Avenue to best promote your company to people of all kinds. With Spring & Summer taking full effect, we know the pedestrian traffic will be high in numbers, and thus provide a greater crowd to market towards.

Exclusivity creates a draw to your brand. Selected to be among the few that are chosen to be featured on the cards, we can ensure that consumers are better versed on what you have to offer. Let’s put your company on the forefront of their minds, as they hold it in their hands on a day to day basis.

The Stephen Avenue Market

Located in Downtown Calgary, Stephen Avenue sees some of the highest numbers when it comes to foot traffic, most specifically during festival season. We recognize this for the great marketing opportunity that it is and want to capitalize on this time to get the word about your services out there as quickly and efficiently as we can.