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How Much Longer Until I Can Live Forever?


“Death is the only inescapable, unavoidable, sure thing. We are sentenced to die the day we’re born.” – Gary Gilmore

Immortality, the long sought after answer to the only thing we haven’t figured out how to prevent yet. From the quest to discover the elixir of life to the times of modern day science, people have searched for ages to discover the ‘cure to death’ as we currently understand it.

This February, Netflix threw their gambit into the mix with the release of their latest Netflix Original Altered Carbon.

Based on the trilogy by Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon presents a dystopian reality where humanity has found a solution for living forever. Set to take place over 350 years in the future, the audience is exposed to a world where the human conscious can be downloaded into a ‘stack’ and transferred between bodies, otherwise known as ‘sleeves’, therefore allowing a person to live for as long as their stack remains intact.

As with most Netflix Original’s that hit the screen, the hype behind Altered Carbon took audiences by storm. As a means to promote the show before the premiere, the company has some interesting marketing strategies that left viewers reeling.

At this year’s CES, Netflix had set up a booth, which for all intents and purposes, had attendees believing that the future originally envisioned by Morgan was not far away. Showcasing perfected artificial bodies, PsychaSec, the company responsible for creating high-end sleeves for the wealthy in Altered Carbon, had set itself up to promote and encourage attendees to sign up for an upgrade. For those who had yet to learn about this new release from Netflix, the booth left an unsettling feeling and had visitors questioning the validity of what they were seeing.

Similarly, a couple weeks before the show was available for viewing, Netflix released a video exploring the “History of Immortality.” What starts off as an in-depth discussion on the topic, including Richard Morgan himself, alongside key speakers like Steve Aoki, Jesse Wellens and Martine Rothblatt, turns into an advertisement for PsychaSec. Once again, Netflix does a great job pulling you in to try and understand the topic at hand, only to blindside you with the advertisement.

If you haven’t already had the chance to view the video, here it is:

For a show surrounding a topic that has long attracted scholars and scientists alike to explore further, Netflix surely selected a series that will draw in viewers for a while. Whether or not we will one day discover the solution to mortality remains to be seen, however, the uncertainty has never stopped us before. Altered Carbon revitalizes the human desire to question our current reality, as most sci-fi features are want to do, and leaves you waiting for what’s next.

Despite receiving mixed critical views, as a whole Altered Carbon was all anyone wanted to talk about after it’s release. Add another 👍🏽 to your list of Original’s released Netflix.

Next time, before you find yourself scrolling through the never-ending list of movies and TV series available and trying to decide what to watch. As well as wasting an hour of your time, select Altered Carbon right from the get-go and figure out your opinions on the matters involved so that you too, can join in on all the office conversations surrounding the show.

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