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Have You Woken Up Yet?

Have you ever taken a good look at yourself, your current living situation, your goals, your emotional well being, your circle of friends and family, and realized that there’s a few individuals whose influence in your life isn’t exactly positive?

It is often the case that those that are closest to us are the “dream killers” in our lives. We all have them. They tell us to be “realistic,” and to have a “plan b, to play it safe.” There’s a few alarming traits about these individuals and their impact on our lives, however, this article will focus solely on how they stunt our personal growth.

The interesting thing about being surrounded by ‘dream killers’ is that they don’t tell you to stop loving your dream or passion. Rather, they simply discourage the pursuit of the goal. They encourage the safe route and often tell you to remain inside your comfort zone, because typically, they want you to stay with them in their own comfort zone. Just think, your success might just mean they get left behind in their safety net, while you’re outside pushing and developing further.

The most detrimental talent ‘dream killers’ possess, is the ability to delay your growth and manifest your dreams.

This week’s motivational video is brought to us by Basquiat Picasso. In it, Angelo the motivator, speaks to the discomfort we face in realizing that some people aren’t as healthy for our goals and ambitions as we would hope for them to be. Despite this, Angelo encourages the viewers that growth and success can still be easy to obtain, we simply need to begin the process and get the wheels in motion. Skip to 3:40 in the video for the specific point, although we do recommend watching the whole thing for the entire message.

Video Below:

This week’s takeaway:
Be mindful of the ‘dream killers’ in your life, and begin down the process of growth by just simply starting.
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