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Have You Made Your Haters Rich?

At this very moment, the average Canadian lifespan sits at about 82 years, as per Stats Canada. It sounds like a hell of a lot of time, but if we take into account the years spent at different stages in our lives, we don’t spend as much time doing what we might actually hope for or even enjoy for that matter. However, this article isn’t about what to do with your life, but rather, how to live your life as happily as possible.

You know that Facebook friend we all seem to have? The one who seems to have their world falling apart at every turn. This friend has the worst luck imaginable. Their rotten luck is only surpassed by their immeasurable amount of problems. You know, that one? Have you ever taken a moment to walk in their shoes? If not, I wouldn’t blame you. After all, as evidenced by their myriad of posts, their life is hell. Who would want to live like that? The answer: they do.

In 2012, CBS reported on a study demonstrating that over half of America had become pessimistic, as opposed to optimistic, in regards to their future. It doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, after all, in a way it has become rather cool and trendy to be moody and pessimistic.

The side effect of this trendy, pessimistic mindset is that it takes away from our happiness. If we are to only have 82 years on this planet at best, why waste a second of it? I know it sounds like a lot of time but think about it: you spend the first 20 years of your life in school, now you’re down to 62 years. After that perhaps you get a 4 year degree, now we’re at 58. After that you enter the work force, start a family, buy a home, and work until you retire at 65, that’s 40 years gone. Now all you’re left with is 22 years. At 65 sadly, chances are your quality of life and mobility won’t be as high as it is currently.

During all this time it appears we are working towards something, and that’s great. But at the same time, it’s just as important, if not more so, to actually live in each moment and live happily. People might talk bad of you, but if they do are they really your friends? Do they really know you that well? And if the answer is no, why let those people affect you in any sort of manner? By spending time being angry or resentful towards people who don’t matter to you, you are literally paying them time and attention out of your life clocks bank account. Don’t pay your haters with time you’ll never get back, thank them for the time that they’ve given you. Be it negative or positive, they’ve spent time on you that they will never get back.

This week’s takeaway:
Think positive, life’s too short for negativity. Don’t let your haters get rich off your dime.

Igor Ovsyannykov



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