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Gill Bondy Releases Newest Single: Sick by the Sea

Photo Cred: Nathan Legiehn

Gill Bondy is back again with another hit track, after having released their debut single 12 days last month. Today, the multi-talented producers, composers and instrumentalists, shared their latest release with the world, Sick By The Sea.

The Canadian pop duo first met as kids, only to later drift apart in their teenage years. Each had the chance to travel through their own unique experiences. After being a part of and touring with different groups, they reconnected in their mid-twenties. Hayden Stewart and Binod Singh have created an alternative sound that, combined with a late 60’s/early 70’s songwriting style, has led to this moody new release.


Premiered by Stereogum, Sick By The Sea was originally written by Stewart and the track remained abandoned for almost two years. It was upon his later revisit with Singh, that the song came to life. It’s lonely mood and restless, honest lyrics take you through a “miserable paradise, [illustrating] that you can’t always fix your problems simply by moving locations or shifting your surroundings.”

Have your first listen to the new track here.

If you want more of Gill Bondy and their work you can find them on Spotify or follow them on Instagram.



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