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Get Off Facebook – Says Facebook


In an interesting turn of events in the social media world, platforms are for once trying to get their visitors to spend less time online.

Facebook is introducing a new feature called “Your Time on Facebook.” The new addition intends to monitor and document Facebook users’ time on the website to try and help curb excessive time spent on social media. The feature will also allow users to set up usage limits for their time on the website to help reduce mindless scrolling all throughout the day.

The tool is motivated by Mark Zuckerberg’s want for users’ time on Facebook to be more meaningful. In a Facebook post from January 2018, Zuckerberg stated that in order to do this, there will be “less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.”

Facebook is not the only platform looking to decrease user’s time on social media. At WWDC this month, Apple introduced changes to the Do Not Disturb feature, allowing users to control from what times throughout the day certain apps can be used – a feature that undoubtedly pleases parents. Similarly, at the I/O Conference this May, Google announced their “Digital Wellbeing” feature. The initiative is intended for users to be able to view their online habits and learn when they should be shutting off in order to create a healthier digital well-being.

With the chief social media platforms rolling out new initiatives to decrease online usage, it is no doubt that most other platforms will soon follow suit, and bring more attention to the importance of time management when it comes to social media.

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