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Ep. 003 – Shawn Lukacsy and Chris Lemky on developing mental toughness and why coaching is a key ingredient to success


“The delicious treat we give people are backhands and thrusters” – Shawn Lukacsy

This week we got the chance to sit down with Shawn Lucasky and Chris Lemky, two of the three owners of Frontier Performance, one of Calgary’s leading CrossFit gyms.

From their initial chance meeting at a university gym to now running their own facility, we got the opportunity to learn about what it was like for Shawn and Chris to establish themselves in the CrossFit community, along with their third co-founder Alex Kaumeyer.

“Fitness is like a religion” – Chris Lemky 

Both Chris and Shawn started in their fitness journeys quite early on in their lives and were involved in a variety of other aspects before their passion for CrossFit grew into what it is today. Talking with them we got to learn about what it was like to make that transition as well as explore their views on many other topics.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Why do people choose to work out?
  • Can you train people to become mentally tough?
  • Why do you have to be so particular with the people that you surround yourself with?

We had a great time talking to these guys and we hope you enjoy listening to them share their story as much as we did!



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Question of the show: What are your strategies for developing consistency when it comes to executing on your goals?

Show Notes:

  • How did Shawn and Chris meet? [02:05]
  • How should a coach evaluate an athlete for coaching? [07:40]
  • What is CrossFit and why do people talk trash about CrossFit? [12:15]
  • Fitness gives meanings to our daily routine [14:15]
  • How do you create a thriving community within a CrossFit gym? [18:30]
  • What’s the difference between being a cheerleader and a coach? [23:00]
  • We live in a slave mentality culture [24:15]
  • How do you develop mental toughness? [28:15]
  • You need to have a “why” [32:50]
  • How do you build a core leadership group? [39:50]
  • What are the common myths of CrossFit? [47:00]
  • What are they testing at the CrossFit Open? [55:00]
  • How does CrossFit define fitness? [56:45]
  • Why is coaching important? [1:06:00]






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