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Facebook Canada Hires Company to Crack Down on Fake News


We have all heard the term “fake news” being used a lot by our neighbours down south.

Regardless of the humour associated with it, it is becoming a growing problem here in Canada as well.

Facebook Canada is now hiring an independent agency to help stop the spread of misinformation throughout the website.

According to The Globe and Mail, Cameron Ahmad, a spokesman for PM Trudeau, recently stated, that “the amount of deceptive, fake and misleading information and accounts targeting elected officials and diminishing the debate on social media platforms, particularly on Twitter, is increasingly concerning and, frankly unacceptable.”

As most people are already aware, Facebook has come under fire as of late, for it’s own policies sharing user information without consent. It will be interesting to see whether or not this will help curb the trend in the “fake news” phenomenon.

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