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Ep. 001 – Eric Yeung on lessons in minimizing risk, the discipline to succeed and what dogs can teach you


“The same people who like participation trophies, think of discipline as abuse” – Eric Yeung

From majoring in Computer Science, to working in oil and gas, to now owning his own successful company, Eric Yeung (@eric.yyc) took us through the journey he went down in order to establish and develop his company, Paws Dog Day Care, located here in Calgary.

Eric started out taking the traditional route of going to school and getting his degree.  However, it wasn’t until soon after that Eric decided that the traditional route probably wasn’t the best suited for him to achieve what he desired.

We got a special insider glance into Eric’s past and what it was like for him to immigrate to Canada from Hong Kong. From moving around from one house to another, we learned about the struggles he faced while trying to establish who he was and figure out what he wanted to achieve.

Eric shared with us who some of his key influences have been in developing his organization, such as Cesar Millan, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and more recently, Eric Thomas. Eric is also an avid reader and spoke highly of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad and Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, as books that have helped shape his life.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • What life lessons can be learnt from dogs?
  • How do you go about hiring the right person?
  • How have your desires to take risks changed now that you’re a father?

These, amongst others were some of the different topics that we discussed with Eric and we hope you get as much enjoyment from hearing his answers as we did!



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Question of the show: What was your favourite lesson from the episode?

Show Notes:

  • What do you do for a living? [00:56]
  • How did Eric get into the pet industry? [01:50]
  • How does dog training relate to human behaviour? [03:40]
  • How did Eric transfer the fitness mindset over to entrepreneurship? [04:25]
  • What motivated Eric to pursue fitness? [07:10]
  • Why one aspect of leadership is initiative. [10:15]
  • How did Eric handle resistance? [11:15]
  • The mindset of an immigrant. [12:15]
  • How does Eric view risk? [13:00]
  • Why you need to assume failure? [13:25]
  • How do you minimize risk? [15:10]
  • What is Eric’s mindset on gaining competence and the skills to play the game? [19:25]
  • Eric’s journey on being kicked out as a family. [21:40]
  • Why did Eric go to post secondary school? [29:00]
  • Barrier to entry is virtually non-existent. [32:45]
  • Eric’s mindset on why you need to value your time. [34:15]
  • Why you need proper work/rest balance. [35:00]
  • Eric’s mindset on why you need to do the work if you want to succeed. [39:15]
  • Eric on hiring for character over skills. [41:15]
  • Eric on how to understand dogs. [42:40]
  • Preparing for Children [44:50]
  • Nobody was doing Crossfit. [49:05]







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  1. Matthew says

    Great episode 1! Nice to hear a little history about your fam!
    Favourite Lesson: mitigating risk. You got to understand and learn about the game, and not just hope that things will work out for you. Hold’em vs. Roulette

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