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Ep. 009 – Gambling Taught Me How To Manage My Money


Hey guys, this week we’re going back to my personal podcast where we talk about the backstory of how HYPR came to be and for this episode, let me share how gambling taught me money management. Now, personally, from childhood to date, I have never gambled myself, so the question therefore becomes, how did I learn anything? Well let me tell you.

Money, the concept of bartering and trading; the very thing that so many of us spend day in and day out pursuing. As I got older, it became very evident to me that unless you were financially independent, you would always be controlled by money and growing up, I saw a prime example of this with my parents.

No matter how hard my parents worked it all came back to the two week cycle. The paycheck coming in and watching it all go towards rent or utilities or whatever other bills my parents had to pay. I remember being 7 years old and waking up to hearing my parents arguing in the middle of the night. Obviously, as a curious kid I would go to see what was going on, but when you’re that young you don’t really understand what’s happening. At that age you don’t comprehend what it means when your dad is taking the money that your family is surviving off of to the casino and gambling it away. Or why your mom is having anxiety over being able to buy you things.

Growing up we knew that we wouldn’t be getting the newest or latest toys that all our friends had. Our mom couldn’t afford to get them for us and we understood that as we got older, but looking back now, even though I understand why my mom did what she did, I know that isn’t how I want to move forward in my life. One of the main reasons I started down my current path is because I wanted choice.

It’s the lack of choice in our lives that usually leads to a certain heaviness that people carry with them everywhere they go; the scarcity mindset, where everything is viewed as a glass half empty. Well one thing that I learnt was that regardless of how you viewed the glass, it still only contained 50% of the total 100% for you to live your life with, and I wanted more than that. Why can’t the glass be full; why can’t it be overflowing with an endless stream of water pouring in so that you can start transferring it over to other people. It’s the abundance of water in your cup that allows you have choice in life.

Gambling didn’t teach me anything about money management. It was my dad’s gambling and the lack of money management in my family that taught me. There is already so much choice available to you when you live in a country like Canada. Now it’s just a matter of doing something with it. It’s here, in this podcast, where I want to show you guys, through all my successes and failures, what it takes for me to get from 0 to 100.



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