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Ep. 006 – Why I Dropped Out of School to Start HYPR Magazine


This week I decided to do things a little differently with the podcast. Instead of presenting you with an interview that I’ve done with someone else, I wanted to take this opportunity to share my story and what I’m about to my listeners.

Ultimately, there are two reasons for why I wanted to do this: firstly, I was super inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk and his principle of documenting versus creating. There are so many highlight reels out there of people’s success stories, but not enough times do we get to learn about the failures that they faced along the way. I think it’s important that people know the full story behind the journey. Secondly, I was also inspired by Gimlet Media and their podcast called “Startup,” which is basically them documenting what it was like for them to start up a podcast.

So where my journey really began was back in 2007 when I made the decision to continue with my education after I graduated. I was taking natural sciences at the University of Calgary and I was in my third year of schooling, right after my first semester had ended, when I made the decision to drop out of school. My dad was a gambling addict and had pretty much forced our family into bankruptcy and at the time, I felt that the best thing for me to do was to drop out and start working.

Thinking back to that time, I remember having a discussion with my girlfriend at the time, who is now my wife, and telling her what kind of life I wanted for myself. I remember sharing my goals with her and at that time I described wanting that ‘skyscraper’ lifestyle; being a corporate executive, driving a Ferrari and having an office on the top floor of an office building. It wasn’t until I was older and started pursuing entrepreneurship with more vehemence that I realized that what I really wanted in my life was Freedom.

The lifestyle that the media portrayed as successful was not how I wanted to live my life. I wanted to never have to worry about the economy and whether or not I would be able to get my bills paid on time. I wasn’t materialistic, I wasn’t chasing after the same things that other 20 year old’s were pursuing at the time. I was legacy focused and I wanted to create a life for myself where I knew that 5 years down the road, my life would be better then it was currently.

At the time, my friends all thought I was crazy you know; why wasn’t I out at at the clubs with them, chasing after chicks and drinking booze? It was so completely out of whack that I actually wanted to focus on creating myself versus hanging out with my friends all the time. They couldn’t understand why I would rather choose to delay gratify and make sacrifices when I could be out doing what they were doing all the time. However, even then, I knew that I would always be willing to make changes where I needed to in order to guarantee a better future for myself.

Growing up in a house with immigrant parents I learned a lot about what it meant to hustle. I saw my parents working hard, from learning a new language to working minimum wage jobs in order to provide my brother and I with what we needed to survive in Canada. Watching them and seeing everything that they did, taught me a lot especially when it came to the entrepreneurship mindset.

Looking back on it now I realize that my life went down a myriad of events after I dropped out of school. Learning to overcome the struggles that I was faced with helped shape me into who I am now. Creating HYPR Magazine and all that it entails was a vision in my mind for so long before it actually came to fruition, and now that it has finally taken birth, I’m excited to share the tale with all of you.



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  1. Jay Colby says

    This was so motivating for me because I’m in the process of working on my startup.

  2. Staff says

    Thanks for the comment and I’m glad it provided value man. I hope all goes well with your startup! stay in touch!

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