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Electric Bikes is Something You Need To Try!


As summer approaches we have the perfect suggestion; head over to Pedego in the Eau Claire Market and try out one of the most fun ways to travel – Electric Bikes!

History of Electric Bikes

Established in 2008 down in Sunny California, Pedego has since come to Canada and opened up multiple locations in the country and as a result, making their bikes available to the Canadian market.

What first started off as a bike for the beach shores of California.  Pedego now has multiple designs perfect for any terrain and occasion.

Coming to Calgary

Talking to Cal Whiting, the owner of Pedego Bikes Calgary, we were able to discuss some of the greater benefits of owning an electric bike:

  • The first benefit is that riding a electric bike is way more fun than a regular bicycle,
  • Second, electric bikes are great for seniors looking to get back into a regular exercise routine.
  • Finally, the battery can last you up to 100 km on a full charge.

As a result, bringing electric bikes to the market has since grown quite a following.

The Future of Transportation

The city now claims to have more than 850km of pathways and in 2016, between the months of May and September, saw more than 29,000 cyclists out riding their bikes.

After getting the chance to personally test out the bikes and speed through the bike paths next to the river.  It can safely be said that the company has a very accurate tag-line; “Hello, fun.

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