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Do You Care Enough About Your Dream To Pursue It?

“The fools in life want things fast and easy; money, success, attention. Boredom and fear is their greatest enemy.” – Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson

I’m sure at some point in your childhood you were told to “be yourself,” that “you’re unique,” and that you should “love yourself.” All of these sentiments are cliché blanket statements that we’re familiar with, yet, few of us actually practice any of these values or beliefs. Typically, the reason for this has to do with the foundations of our society and the constant rat race competition that we are in with one another.

As mentioned in last week’s article, our attitudes are powerful, as is their impact on us. With this in mind, it is very important that we not only think positively, but that we do so diligently with great discipline as well. Being positive for a day may be easy. Just as it’s easy to go to the gym for one day, or to motivate yourself to work towards your current goal for a while. What is hard is doing so day in and day out, even when you don’t feel like it. It’s typically in these moments that those who succeed and those who will fail are distinguished and separated.

This week’s video is brought to you by Absolute Motivation, entitled The Underdog. This particular video focuses on what it means to be dedicated and disciplined, as well as the difference between those that wish for instant success and those that work hard for it.

This week’s takeaway:
Between your goal and it’s achievement, lays discipline and dedication. Use both to drive yourself toward your dreams.

Hunter Bryant



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