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Ep. 010 – Denise Baril on how to talk to strangers, connecting with the right intent and the importance of knowing your why


“Too many people take people for granted – you have to step up and serve” – Denise Baril

The President and Founder of the Workplace Speaker Network, Denise Baril, took the time to sit down with us for this week’s podcast and share her story.

The youngest of 9, Denise grew up in a close community in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Having entrepreneurial parents growing up, Denise learnt a lot about what it meant to be successful in business from some of her greatest influencers.

Denise herself has built a business around connecting. One thing that we learnt about her, before we even had the chance to meet her, was that she was an amazing connector. Since first starting off in marketing, Denise has since done so much more with her life and has created an immense network of people around her. Her motto: People are your greatest gifts, not things.

Aside from her current success with the WSN, Denise is also partnered with International Health Care Providers. Furthermore, she is a visiting instructor at SAIT where she runs a course on Extreme Networking.

With all her triumphs as a connector, we wanted to know who the lady behind all this networking was. Sitting down with Denise we got to learn about who she is and how she has created her success. We hope you enjoy getting the chance to hear from her because we definitely did!

Topics Discussed:

  • How important is intent when connecting with people?
  • What does it look like to build your business based on your values?
  • What’re your thoughts on the ‘elevator pitch’?



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Question of the show: What’s your biggest fear when it comes to talking to strangers?

Show Notes:

  • Who is Denise Baril? [01:00]
  • Why should someone build a business around connecting people? [03:00]
  • Is intent important when it comes to connecting with people? [06:00]
  • What are the strategies to stay focused on your goals? [14:00]
  • How do you navigate conflict and relationships that go south? [25:30]
  • What are your strategies for remembering people? [37:30]
  • Why are elevator pitches are inauthentic? [40:00]
  • How do you talk to strangers? [44:30]
  • How do you restore trust in a relationship? [48:00]






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