Accelerating Culture

Daniel Smith presented his idea which is a state of the art car wash within a small town (Invermere) that has never seen a facility like this before.

What are the benefits that you experienced developing your startup as a student?

There were a lot of benefits to this as a student, I have gained so much more real-world experience than what you would have learned from just sitting in a class. I was pushed and have become very comfortable talking to new people and having professional conversations. There were so many benefits it is hard to sum them up, but over all I feel I have moved that much farther forward in my life and with my abilities than I would have if I just stuck to school and never started a business…I have also found lots of people who like to help the university student trying who is to do something in his free time, and there is an abundance of resources available to you from the school.

What is your company’s unfair competitive advantage?

The unfair competitive advantage is that we will be the first one to do this within the area. After running surveys and having customer visits, I found that everyone is annoyed with the car wash available and dislikes it. It’s easy to gain new customers when you set up shop right beside the competition, who people openly voice their distaste towards.

Why is now the time for your company to exist?

The time for my company I’d say could have been 5 years ago, but it’s time to shake up an industry that has been overlooked for so long. We are taught here at the institute, “look where people don’t want to innovate anymore”, I did that and found a fantastic opportunity.