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Work at HYPR Magazine

First of all, thank you for considering HYPR Magazine as an employer! Before you start polishing that resume, let us tell you a little about what it’s like, how to apply, and what we’re looking for.

Our Attitude:

We believe that being creative is the variable of success when it comes to performing your best work. We want to provide you with the proper environment, right leadership and autonomy so you feel awesome working for us.

It’s Not About The Time You Put In

We could care less if you show up to the office. Our philosophy is more about how you work than when you work. We don’t have a nine-to-five schedule for our employees. We want you to experience the freedom of getting things done based on when you personally feel like working. We don’t track hours. We track results.

We Always Give More Than We Take

What is it that you want from us as an employer? If we can fulfill your aspirations, then we will do our best to help you achieve them. We pride ourselves from a leadership perspective that givers will always outlast the takers.

Speed and Patience

We want you to be shipping in your best work with speed and patience. What do we mean by that? You can only experience patience when you are actually doing the work. There are a lot of people in the world who make comments like “I will start writing once I am inspired” when the opposite “I will be inspired once I start writing” is true.  Speed and patience are correlated. You will produce your best work (speed) once you actually have the patience to do the work (start writing).

The bottom line is there will be challenges.

We are still in the early stages of building up this media company from the ground up, so there will be many challenges. HYPR Magazine is determined to become a nationally recognized brand with the influence of a traditional media company, without the corporate bullshit that comes along with it.

Will you join us?

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