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Canadian Government Takes Much-Needed Step In Improving Wireless Quality


The Canadian government has finally taken steps to improve the quality of wireless services across the country.

In a recent news release from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, the results from the 2018 spectrum auction were released. Fortunately, the results are steps in the right direction to increase competitiveness and quality of wireless services in the country. Roughly 94 percent of the spectrum licenses that were up for auction were distributed to Ecotel, Cogeco, Xplornet, Iris, Freedom and TELUS.

Canada has been criticized for having poor internet quality in the past, and was even publicly slammed in the press by Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos, when he said that “it’s almost a human rights violation what they’re charging for internet access in Canada.” He stated that there is “almost third-world access to the internet” across the country.

Hopefully with these new developments Canada will be able to advance our wireless services, benefiting not only Canadian’s ability to access the internet, but also the government’s ability to continue developing new innovations on a competitive scale.




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