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Where Are Canada’s Tech Hubs?


As a society full of social media users, gamers, influencers, and entrepreneurs, we heavily rely on technology. However, it’s rare that we stop and ask ourselves where and how these things that we depend on, originally came from. The answer to that would be Tech Hubs.

Tech hubs are the physical locations that bring creative, technological ideas to life. They are an encouraging space where new ideas are brought to life, to be put through experimentation and testing in the hopes of evolving and developing into the next Facebook or Microsoft. These communities foster and improve ideas. They also introduce the creators to other like-minded developers and ultimately, investors.


What Makes a Tech Hub?

In order to be considered a tech tub, there are many standards to meet. Often times tech hubs are found in university areas. Which makes sense, with the constant flow of new graduate students from mathematics, sciences, technology, or engineering. This also provides endless job opportunities and therefore a constant flow of fresh minds and ideas.

“As well as a steady supply of suitable workers, any tech hub worth its salt will need cutting-edge digital connectivity. Think lightning-fast broadband speeds, city-wide wi-fi, and widespread 4G coverage, as well as early uptake of 5G, when that launches.” – BT

International Tech Hubs

On an international scale, there are some pretty big and obvious technology hubs that you may already be familiar with. Let’s start by name dropping a few of those to help establish a better understanding of what a tech hub is:

Silicon Valley, US– This section of California is home to some of the biggest, most recognizable tech companies such as Facebook, Apple, Alphabet, Netflix, Tesla and Intel

London, UK- Recently the Mayor of London has pledged to provide 4G access all across the London Underground tube network, making it a great location for a tech hub

Cape Town, SA- Cape Town is also called the ‘Silicon Cape‘ because of its fast technological development

Canada’s Tech Hubs

On a more personal level, there are quite a few recognized tech hub areas within our own country’s provinces.

Vancouver, British Columbianathan-ziemanski-539276-unsplash

Research done in 2018 by Expert Market found that Vancouver was the 10th top technology hub in the world. Part of the reason for this is due to it housing one of the University of British Columbia campuses.

“In all, the tech sector is one of the largest employees in all of B.C. The Vancouver tech sector employed 86,800 people provincewide in 2013. That’s more than forestry, mining and oil and gas combined.” – Huffington Post



In Ontario alone, there are 4 cities that have shown some of the most technological progression in the past years. Naturally, Toronto is one of the few. Studies shared by CNW show that 6% of global leaders said the city is competing with Silicon Valley and San Francisco as one of the world’s biggest technology markets. According to Daily Hive, “Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo lead the way as number one locations to start a tech business.”

Montreal, Quebec

Within the historical french province, the city of Montreal has been dubbed by Daily Hive, “the best place for venture capital funding. Offering $21.27 million CAD per 100k people, the biggest money pot of any Canadian city.

Whether you’re looking for a forward-thinking city to move to, or an ideal birthplace for your bright ideas, now you know. There is no reason to pack up and start applying for visas because Canada has it all!




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