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This past Saturday, The Block Kitchen & Lounge celebrated their four year anniversary as a business. To honour the day, they hosted the Block Solid Community Event at their venue. Guests from the community were invited to join and partake in a day of family fun and activities. Complimentary bites and drinks from their Fall menu were available throughout the day.


The Block Kitchen & Lounge is a 68-seat restaurant and lounge, located in the NW community of Mt. Pleasant. The venue offers a plethora of parking and is a quick commute north of downtown.

The restaurant prides itself on providing their customers with a cozy ambiance and casual atmosphere for the perfect dining experience with family and friends.

During an interview with Executive Chef Mike Preston, he spoke on the restaurant’s focus to serve Italian and Californian inspired style of food. Chef Preston and his talented team use top quality protein and produce while supporting local farmers and Canadian fisheries. There is a strong emphasis on endorsing products coming from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

Since the restaurant is situated on the outskirts of downtown, there is a greater focus on accommodating the surrounding neighbourhood. According to Chef Preston, the nearby community has helped them improve as a team as the years have gone by. This event is a way of thanking them and the Calgary community as a whole, for all their support throughout the years.


Chef Preston is born and raised in Alberta. He is a graduate from SAIT’s Cooking Apprenticeship Program and started working in the kitchens since he was 15 years of age. According to him, what started off as just a job at first, soon helped him discover his passion to later turn it into a career. He’s worked everywhere from hotel kitchens, to country clubs, to both casual and high end restaurants. All of his experience has gone on to influence his style and methods of cooking, which he gets great enjoyment out of when teaching to the young and ambitious chefs within his team. Chef Preston has been a part of The Block Restaurant’s team since April 2017.

“To all the young aspiring individuals out there, do not limit yourself to learning just by the people around you. You should learn something from everyone you work with.  Take pride and desire on where you want to be.” – Chef Mike Preston

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