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Bike Raves Are Coming to Calgary


Bike raves are a thing, and because Calgary’s a cycling city, we couldn’t be more excited about them happening here.

Starting out as a small experiment last October there was around 150 people who attended this first rave. Kevin Jesuino, organizer of the event and a local artist, says he was inspired by the bike raves held in Vancouver. Those bike raves have been operational for around 5 years and have over 5,000 attendees.

Jesuino, who has been biking for over 20 years, attended a bike rave in Kelowna and thought they would be great for Calgary because of its cyclist culture and urban bike setting.

What better way to get together a large group of cycling enthusiasts than by having everyone get dressed up, and everyone dressing their bikes up, and doing what they do best, ride! Many bike raves also end with huge after parties to celebrate the event.

In order to customize your bike you can buy accessories in Calgary at stores such as MEC and Canadian Tire, or at online shops like Amazon or Blaze (an urban cycling shop).

“I love it when they use them [costumes]. We need more,” Jesuino says.

However, it doesn’t matter if you don’t put lights on your bike or wear a costume (even though it’s encouraged), the only thing you really need is your bike.

“It’s a complete spectacle when people see what we’re doing.”

Jesuino says one of the best moments he experienced was during the last rave when over 60 bicycles took to the road at Plaza Cinema and people started applauding.

The spring bike rave that was held a month ago had a good turnout so Jesuino plans to organize a bike rave every one or two months for people to experience the community connection.

In the future, Jesuino wants to do partnerships with bigger ride events such as CyclePalooza, and organize after parties to help grow this community.

“I would love to see Calgary as Vancouver is right now,” he says.

The next bike rave is happening this Friday, June 9th at 8:30pm at the George C. King Bridge at St. Patrick’s Island.

To end the ride, an after party will be held at the Ignite Festival of Emerging Artists’ Prophecy/Future themed party at the Sage Theatre on The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #1 in Downtown.

Jesuino cautions everyone to ‘party safe and bike ride together.’

For more information, visit Bike Raves YYC and
follow Kevin Jesuino.






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