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Augmented Reality is Spreading to Your News Feed


Facebook had something exciting to share with everyone at their latest press release this past Tuesday. After making it easier to navigate your News Feed, the company will now be adding a new feature. Vice President of Product Marketing, Ty Ahmad-Taylor, shared Facebook’s plans to begin testing for augmented reality (AR) advertising in their users News Feed’s.

A select few retail companies have been using Facebook’s AR tech to create AR-specific ads for the platform. 

news feed augmented reality
Image Cred: Facebook

The making of these ads first began with Michael Kors as a starting tester. Sephora, NYX Professional Makeup, Bobbi Brown, Pottery Barn, Wayfair and King are also planning to release their own AR ads in the next few months.

Facebook has worked with AR in the past, adding it into their Messenger app. A feature that was first launched during the Facebook F8 Conference back in May.

These new ads will appear the same as your current ads, except with the “tap to try it on” option. Tapping this will turn on the app’s AR function, thus letting users view products in their homes and on themselves.

Ahmad-Taylor also talked about the launch of a new Video Creation Kit. The creation kit will allow users to create mobile videos by adding static images into video templates. Facebook plans to release shopping tags in Instagram Stories as well, as a feature for all brands.

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