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Are You Brave Enough to Live Out Your Dreams?

Over the past few months this column has been dedicated to motivating the doers, the dreamers and the hustlers. One of the central themes that is carried throughout these articles has always been the battle of overcoming fear to reach your goals.

Today, we offer you a TED Talk produced by Kayode Ewumi, entitled “Confidence vs Courage.” In it, Ewumi talks about his journey and how he discovered his own courage to pursue his ambitions.

Here’s a little background on Ewumi:

Whilst in his final year at Coventry University, Ewumi decided to create a Vine account and start making videos. After graduating in 2015, Ewumi and his childhood friend, Tyrell Williams, bought a camera, developed a character from his Vine account and decided to shoot a mockumentary.

With a grand budget of £3, they made two episodes of #HoodDocumentary, and released them on YouTube. Shortly thereafter, they found themselves with over two million viewers. This attracted the attention of BBC Three, who commissioned #HoodDocumentary onto their platform (which is to date, the highest viewed series on BBC Three online). Since then, Ewumi has been busy appearing as a lead in the BBC’s remake of “Are You Being Served,” shooting “White Gold” (BBC 2), “Crackanory” (Dave), and becoming a BAFTABreakthroughBrit of 2016. Ewumi is currently developing a few scripts that he can’t wait to share with those who have supported his journey so far!

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