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Apple’s iOS 12 Will be Able to Detect More Than One Face


Monday marked the start of Apple’s WWDC 2018 where attendants will have the opportunity to learn about the latest and greatest new upgrades that Apple has lined up for its users.

With yesterday’s keynote covering things from augmented reality to a smarter Siri, Apple’s updates for Face ID almost slipped under the radar.

Reported by 9to5Mac, the iOS 12 beta was revealed to have an “Alternative Appearance” feature that allowed Face ID to recognize another face.

Users on Reddit have already discovered the joys this new feature can bring, along with an option to re-scan your face should the initial scan not work – something the iOS 11 did not allow you to do, instead prompting users to enter their passcode after a failed attempt.

Up until now, Apple’s Touch ID was able to support the fingerprints of multiple different users, allowing everyone in the system access to the device. Face ID however, has been restricted to the sole face registered onto it.

After testing with two different faces on the iPhone X, Apple Insider does caution that should you reset Face ID, both of the registered faces will need to be reentered afterwards.

With talks of a new iPad with Face ID and no home button, this feature seems to be be laying the groundwork for a more family friendly approach toward the Apple devices.

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