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Is Apple Taking Over Your Life?


What started as a fancy, minimalistic piece of technology has now become a lifestyle. The julian-o-hayon-237297-unsplashexcitement for Apple products no longer begins and ends after splurging on a $1,300 laptop with Retina display. It is rare now, to only own one singular product by the company. CNBC reports that the average American household has approximately 2.6 Apple products, and 64% of Americans own at least one piece of branded technology from the company.

Computerized Life

With the new iPhones, Apple Watch, Apple Pay, HomeKit, HealthKit, iBeacon and even CarPlay, Apple is building a world in which there is a computer in your every interaction, waking and sleeping,” states Wired.

This was their startling but honest response to the talk given by the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. Initially, they had created a convenient, portable way to listen to music. Now it has access to your money, television, messaging, location, energy expenditure, sleeping patterns and pictures. It does seem nice to never have to worry about missing a message, because your phone, laptop, iPad, and iWatch will all ping you about it. However, it can become inescapable. In order to go ‘cellphone free’ for a day, it means either boycotting your gadgets all together, or disconnecting them from one another.


“The product isn’t just a collection of features,” CEO Tim Cook said, announcing his company’s new iPhone. “It’s how it all works together.” And really, this is true of the entire Apple line, the entire Apple experience. – Wired

An Apple a Day

Not only does having one of these seemingly beneficial devices invite you to be more dependent on them, but they also require a lot of work. Phone Arena calculated that, “the average selling price of an iPhone in the past quarter stood at a whopping $695. Nearly three times higher than that of an average Samsung phone.”

The products are also becoming less and less compatible with other devices and adapters. The newest iPhone doesn’t even have a headphone jack, forcing people to use either the $159 CAD AirPods, or another, equally as expensive, set of wireless headphones.

“It is the entire stack of devices working in concert. The ecosystem is like a swamp. The more we interact with it, the deeper we are drawn into it. Fortunately, it is a very lovely swamp.” – Mat Honan


In 2017, Apple admitted to having intentionally set iPhones to slow down as they get older. The company explained that it was done considerately. They were aiming to extend the life and battery of the phone. The customers however, did not feel appreciative.

Choosing Wisely

Technology can get tricky and sneaky. Luckily, we are the ones who ultimately decide how many hours of our day we want to stare at a screen. We should acknowledge how unnecessary it is to rely on our phones for reminders to do things like brushing our teeth, or going out for a walk. The question is not “is Apple taking over your life?” but rather “are you letting Apple take over your life?”


Gian Cescon



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