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HYPR has built it’s brand from the ground up, creating a doorway to hundreds of thousands of viewers. We can help you reach whoever you need, whenever you need them.

100k+ Impressions Per Month Across All of Our Social Platforms

7/10 Millennials Monthly


[team_outer sc_title=”Branded Content”][team_inner plan_feature=”” team_image=”15852″ title=”Sweet Tooth” desc=”Sweet Tooth YYC is a proud partner in our latest “Secret Menu” campaign to increase
outreach for local food eateries.”][team_inner plan_feature=”” team_image=”15854″ title=”Local Laundry” desc=”HYPR created a photoshoot collection with Local Laundry to help develop their visual
aesthetics, and target their Instagram audience.”][team_inner plan_feature=”” team_image=”15853″ title=”Chic Geek” desc=”We partnered with ChicGeek tohelp sponsor their Geeky Summit. HYPR created photo marketing campaigns to provide value in promoting and advertising their events.”][/team_outer]

[team_outer sc_title=”Ready to Launch?”][/team_outer]

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