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Top Style Predictions for 2018!

Happy New Year folks! With 2017 in the bag, many style trends have come full circle. For the most part, all I can say is, “Thank God!” Some stuff in 2017 was just terrible, but hey, you do you! Now comes 2018 and who knows what’s going to blow up from social media. This week, I’m looking to predict new trends that will most likely dominate the fashion scene this coming year.

To start, we need to welcome back the 90’s! The last few months of 2017 we saw the emergence of vintage styles, whether it be kicks, shirts, even brands! This will continue to thrive into 2018. This can be good and bad, depending on your style preferences.

  • Good: I love the fact that brands such as Nike and Adidas are coming back with their initial styles! Being a 90’s kid, this is nostalgic AF! Even the funky pattern shirts are making a comeback!
  • Bad: While the styles and patterns are all great, this also means the bulky, baggy fashion style will start to appear. Honestly, not a fan. Maybe it’s because I’m not the biggest dude around, but still, it’s just not aesthetically appealing.

Another trend that will be dominant this year will be anything with a logo printed on it. HOW ANNOYING! I may be a bit biased if you couldn’t already tell. We saw this return towards the tail end of 2017. Logos, patches, etc. Casual clothes will be covered in them. Apparently it’s important for everyone to know what you are wearing.

Change in suit styles is another major topic for 2018.

  • You will see a transition to bolder, more vibrant suits this year, which, I love! You dress to impress, and your bold suit will do that perfectly.
  • We obviously won’t dismiss the basics, such as the navy, grey, and black suits. But you’ll start to see more colourful, bold pattern suits. Take advantage of this.

These are just a few predictions, based on what I saw at the end of 2017. I may or may not be right, so don’t hold me to this! Just an opinion. One thing I do believe is that our style comes from artists, musicians, and professional athletes first. This is just a theory, but I see more and more style influence stemming from these talented individuals. So if you’re looking to stay ahead of the game, follow your favourites closely. I know I will. I also want to stress the fact that style also comes from you. Do what makes you feel and look great!

For more style ideas and tips, head over to my Instagram page @dysfunctionalwardrobe.

Cheers and Happy New Year folks!

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