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How to Choose the Right Overcoat

Overcoats are a classic piece of men’s fashion, perfect for this winter weather. Commonly used for more formal wear, the overcoat can really take your style game to another level. Although this is a more pricey item, it’s versatility can justify the purchase. I often wear an overcoat with both formal and casual outfits, which always brings back positive results. Choosing the right overcoat is important! This blog will help you figure out if the overcoat you are interested in is worth it.

  • Your coat must be the right fit. Similar to your blazer, this piece should not be too big, because you don’t want to look like you are drowning in your clothing.
  • Similarly, not too tight/fitted. Remember, you are wearing this over your outfit, so leave room to be able to move comfortably.


  • Most common colours for overcoats are black, navy, grey, and tan.
  • These are all perfect for any outfit! Choose the colour based on your wardrobe so you can use the overcoat with multiple pieces.
  • My personal suggestion would be tan and black. These two colours are the most versatile.
  • Pattern overcoats are bold, as well as dapper.
  • Understand that a pattern overcoat is tricky to pair with outfits, so make sure it is worth the purchase.
  • If you already own a solid colour overcoat, then I suggest buying one with a pattern to amplify your wardrobe.
  • Typically you will find plaid patterns for this piece.
  • Start with common colours, then move to more bold colours like red and black, red and navy, etc. You want to make sure you can use this multiple times so you are not wasting your money.
  • Overcoats come in a variety of styles: trench coats, peacoats, and topcoats.
  • Trenchcoats are lighter and slightly longer than the normal overcoat. Similar to a topcoat, this piece is great for formal wear after winter is over and it gets warmer.
  • Peacoats are shorter, similar to the length of a blazer. I suggest using this piece with a suit. Also used with casual styles for a completely different look from what is normally seen in men’s fashion.
  • Overcoats can be used in a formal or casual style. That is why I love this piece! Perfect for any setting.

When buying an overcoat, make sure it fits your body comfortably, can be used with multiple items in your wardrobe, and compliments your fashion style.

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